A Guide To Viewing Nottingham Student Properties

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A Guide To Viewing Nottingham Student Properties

A Guide To Viewing Nottingham Student Properties

If you are currently looking for Nottingham student properties, then you really need this guide. The guide is designed to explain what to look for whilst viewing a property. Check it out.

How to prepare for a viewing at Nottingham Student Properties

Before renting any of the Nottingham student properties available, you will be invited for a viewing. Go prepared. This means preparing any questions which you need to ask, charging your camera in order to take pictures and checking out the neighbourhood beforehand. After all you need to ensure that there is a pub within easy walking distance.

Is the property damp?

The standards of student accommodation are getting better, but there are still many properties which are poorly maintained. Checking for damp is really important. Not only does damp look unsightly, it smells and can cause some serious health problems. Landlords are aware that this damp is off putting and some may try to hide it. Be savvy and check around the walls, ceilings and window areas. If there are black patches this could indicate damp.


It has been well documented that student properties are an attractive prospect for the opportunist burglar. They know that students are likely to have expensive laptops and phones and they also know that doors and windows can often be left open when nobody is actually home. View the property through the eyes of a burglar, is there an alarm? Are the doors secure? You may also want to opt for a property in a busier area, where burglars have less chance of going under the radar.


Some Nottingham Student Properties may have problem with unwanted pests of the rodent variety. If you spot mouse traps, dropping or silvery trails from slugs…the house has guests and our advice is to steer clear, very clear!

  • Author: Uni 2 Breaking
  • On: 14th November 2017

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