How to stay warm at student houses Nottingham!

How to stay warm at student houses Nottingham!
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How to stay warm at student houses Nottingham!

Winter is fast approaching and the temperatures are naturally dropping. Of course student houses Nottingham are often known for being cold due to a lack of double glazing and the fact that budgets for central heating is on the low side. So as the days get colder, we offer some advice on staying warm!

Clean you your student houses Nottingham.

Student houses Nottingham are not recognised as the tidiest of habitats on the planet, but this could be your chance to set things straight. Cleaning up will soon warm up the body, burn calories and gain you some extra kudos from your housemates.

Turn the lights down, light the candles…

You think you know where this is heading but it really isn’t. Save on electricity and warm up the room, you would be surprised the warmth that a few simple candles can generate.

Close the doors

This may seem very obvious advice but as most student properties house more than 3 people, there are lots of comings and goings and external doors are sometimes left open whilst a long good bye occurs. Closing internal doors also helps keep individual rooms warmer.

Stay warm in bed.

To ensure you stay nice and toasty at night time, throw an extra duvet on your bed. You could also invest three or four pounds on a hot water bottle, which is guaranteed to keep you cosy all night. What more could you ask for? Err, maybe a hot toddy or a cheeky warm vimto?

And finally, get out of your student houses Nottingham!

Can we ask why you are spending so much time under the double duvet watching films? You are at university, so go do some study time, with the benefit of free central heating thrown in for goodwill.

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