Is Luxury Student Accommodation Even A Real Thing?

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Is Luxury Student Accommodation Even A Real Thing?

Is Luxury Student Accommodation Even A Real Thing?

The term luxury student accommodation may seem to be something of a juxtaposition, but is this really the case? Of course peeling wallpaper and rising damp are not instantly evocative of a luxury student pad, but is there more to student lettings than meets the eye?

What constitutes luxury student accommodation?

Just ten years ago, students where seemingly happy with a warm and dry place to sleep. However there is currently a rise in luxury student accommodation. This is the type of space which offers flat screen televisions with a cinema surround sound. Also expect a 24 hour onsite gym and a fully loaded kitchen, no trips to the launderette for you.

The benefits are plentiful. An added sense of security due to a 24 hours manned reception, a dedicated post room to collect your online order even if you are out and on site cafes. The apartments are developed by private property companies who recognised a niche in the market due to the arrival of more foreign students searching for premium accommodation.

Whilst many students are celebrating the arrival of improved accommodation, older school types are suggesting that the squalid and damp conditions of previous student properties were a right of passage. They suggest that living in cocooned properties deprives students of a levelling experience and will not equip them for the harder aspects of real life. Furthermore they suggest that it will only widen socio economic gaps, with only the privileged few being able to afford these types of accommodations.

Which locations currently offer luxury student accommodation? You might not be surprised to discover these type of upmarket establishments in Notting Hill or Spitalfields, but other major cities are also offering exclusive student apartments including Manchester, Nottingham and Leeds. Yet be prepared, prices start from £165 per week with apartments in the most coveted areas costing up to £250 per week!

  • Author: Uni 2 Breaking
  • On: 14th November 2017

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