3 Cooked Meals delivered to your door each week!
  • Sick of those late night takeaways?!
  • Missing delicious home-cooked meals?!

No need to worry… Uni2 Rent brings Mum on Call!

Each fortnight you will be provided with a varied menu where you can choose 3 meal options per week. Then just sit back whilst the meals are freshly home cooked and then delivered to your door on a set day!


Mum on Call

Select meals such as:

Chicken Pie

Lamb Bhuna

Shepherd's Pie

Lamb Hotpot

Thai Green Curry

Chilli Con Carne

Vegetarian Sausage & Mash

Marinated Halloumi & Roasted Peppers

The menu is changed from term to term so you'll have a variety of selections to choose from as the year goes on.

The £10 fee is incorporated into your rental agreement so once rent is paid, no need to worry about budgeting for food… it’s all paid for!

Food only provided during University term times

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