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What Benefits Can I Get As a Student in Nottingham?

Joining the university of your choice shouldn’t be affected by financial concerns. To make the most of your time at college or university, you may need an income to help finance your stay. Students in Nottingham can make the most out of a wide range of financial benefits from the government and other financial institutions to help afford living at university.

Here are some of the financial benefits you can apply for as a student in Nottingham.

Student Maintenance Loan

The Student Maintenance Loan is one of the most common financial benefits you might receive as a student in Nottingham. However, unlike other grants, Student Maintenance Loans are repayable. The amount of funds you receive depends on the income capabilities of your household and your year of study. Also, your accommodation status will determine the amount of student maintenance loan that you receive.

If you live in your parents’ house, you will likely receive a smaller amount than someone who lives in rented accommodation and you will only begin to pay back the loan after leaving university and earning above the minimum repayment threshold.

Applying For a Student Maintenance Loan

The first step when applying for a Student Maintenance loan is to set up an online student finance account.

Once the account is set-up, you can log in and fill in the online application form. Some of the information required includes your household income estimates.

Once you submit the information, your guardian, parent, or partner will be contacted to confirm if the information provided is correct. After the confirmation, you will need to send proof of identity.

If you are a continuing student, you need to log in to your student finance account and make a new application online.

The procedure of applying for the student maintenance loan is different if you are returning to study after taking a break. You will be required to explain reasoning for being out of school through a letter to Student Finance England. The letter must be accompanied by supporting evidence such as medical reports and notification from the school.

Disabled Students’ Allowances

Disabled Students’ Allowances, (DSAs) is financial assistance to make the life of students with disabilities more comfortable. The funds received under DSAs can be used to cover the costs of specialised equipment, non-medical helpers and other disability-related costs. Individuals receiving DSAs have access to relevant equipment needed for their course at subsidised prices. However, Student Finance England provides a list of necessary equipment.

Applying for Disabled Students’ Allowances

Before going ahead with the application process, you should check if you are eligible for the Disabled Students’ Allowances. Your application might be turned down if you do not meet the requirements or have missed out on relevant information.

If you are a first-time applicant, make the application through your online student finance account. The application forms are in the ‘to-do list’ of your account. You should click ‘change circumstances’ to apply if the application forms are not in the ‘to-do list.’ Use the DSAs paper application forms if you do not have an online account.

Part-time students and those who don’t need student finance can apply for DSAs by filling in the paper application forms.

Once your application has been reviewed and approved, you will receive the allowances directly to your account or the account of your services provider.

Summer Vacation Fund

The Summer Vacation Fund is financial assistance from Nottingham Trent University to students who are unable to work during the summer holidays due to illness or disability. This financial assistance aims to assist parents with dependent children during holidays when there is no benefit entitlement. You can be eligible for this funding if you provide proof of the inability to work during the summer holidays.

How to claim the Summer Vacation Fund

There are several ways of claiming the Summer Vacation Fund. The easiest way to claim the fund is to contact income support by phone. You can also fill in the claim form and send it to your relevant local authorities – the information required includes your address and income estimates.

Once your information is received, the authorities will analyse your eligibility for the fund. You will then receive notification of the amount you will receive if the application is approved and the funds deposited into your account

Childcare Grant

A Childcare Grant is a form of financial support you can apply for when studying at university if you are a student with a child under the age of 15. For children with special needs, the allowable age is up to 17 years and you will receive a childcare grant as an addition to your student finance package.

However, you do not have to pay back money received as a childcare grant. Your eligibility for childcare grants depends on the estimated cost of childcare per academic year. This implies that the National Student Finance Service will assess your childcare costs to determine how much money you receive. A Childcare grant is only available to full-time students that are permanent residents of England.

How to apply for Childcare Grants

The first step when applying for a Childcare Grant is to fill the online form as part of your student finance application. If you have already made an online application without a childcare grant, you can apply using the hard copy forms.

Once you have completed the forms, you are required to attach proof of parenthood. There are instructions on the type of evidence needed depending on the age and physical condition of the child.

After the application is received and approved, you will get a notification of the amount of Childcare Grant that you will receive.

You will then be required to create an account with the Childcare Grant Payment Service (CCGPS). The childcare grant you receive will be paid through this account.

Adult Dependents’ Grant

Adult Dependents’ Grant is financial support given to full-time students with responsibilities of taking care of other people that are adults. To be eligible for this financial support, you need to be a full-time home undergraduate student. Additionally, you should have an adult who depends on you wholly or mainly for financial assistance.

Eligible dependents include spouses or civil partners. Your cohabiting partner might also be an eligible dependent if you are over 25 years old. The total amount received for the Adult Dependents’ Grant is determined by your income status as well as that of your dependent. To get this grant, your dependent should not be your child or a person getting student finance.

Applying for Adult Dependents’ Grant

When applying for an Adult Dependents’ Grant, the first step is to fill in the application forms on the main student finance application. Some of the information required includes your estimated household income.

After applying, Student Finance England will assess your eligibility for the grant and notify you how much you qualify for. In case further clarification is needed, you will be contacted to provide more information.

Student Finance England will send you income confirmations at the end of the academic year. The income confirmations will be used to check if your expenses match your estimates; this will allow for necessary adjustments to the amount you receive.

Bursaries and Scholarships

There are many scholarships and bursaries available to Nottingham students through the University of Nottingham and the Nottingham Trent University (click the relevant link for more details). Although these funds do not have to be repaid, they mainly focus on taking care of your tuition costs. The financial benefits for students in Nottingham might vary depending on the nature of study and your nationality. You are only eligible for some of the student financial support if you are a UK citizen or a full-time student.

  • Author: Adam Kirk
  • On: 07th October 2020

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