Top Tips For Trent Student Houses Nottingham

Top Tips For Trent Student Houses Nottingham

Top Tips For Trent Student Houses Nottingham

Check out a list of top tips for living in Trent Student Houses Nottingham.

Does your Trent Student House Nottingham have an inventory?

Before moving into your Trent Student Houses Nottingham, make sure you are given an inventory from your landlord. This inventory should list all items which are included in the house rent and detail the condition of the property at the time of moving in. This stops the opportunist landlord from blaming tenants for pre-existing damage. Take photographs if you think it is necessary.


It is important to point out that all Landlords are not bad, indeed most of them are really lovely and it pays to be nice to them. Be respectful, pay the bills on time and keep the property in good order. If there is a problem, talk to your landlord and try to resolve the situation.


Your student loan will soon be in the negative if you intend to live on takeaways alone. Before setting off to university, be sure to have some good recipes up your sleeve. It does not need to be overly fancy, just delicious.


This will undoubtedly be a reoccurring discussion during your time at university and a rota is probably the best way to approach it. In order to get your deposit back the landlord will expect the property to be left in good condition, however house mates can have a tendency to dodge these responsibilities. Take particular attention to this arrangement when it comes to the end of the year and talk about this beforehand to avoid problems.
Kitchen Accessories

Trent Student Houses Nottingham are likely to be shared properties, so be careful that you are not doubling up on kitchen appliances and accessories.Talk to your housemates about what you really need. Check the inventory and the divide up who purchases the toastie maker and who buys the wok, if you really need on.

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  • On: 14th November 2017

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