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What are the Best Online Jobs for Students in Nottingham?

If you’re wondering what to do with the extra time after lectures & seminars, and want to find ways of earning a little extra cash then this is the article for you. There are tons of online jobs that you can apply for part-time, both for the money and experience which can help you build long term skills that will be helpful in your future career.

Most of them require just a few hours, and can be very flexible for you as a student. Some only require you to have an internet-connected device and the ability to follow instructions – here’s our list of the best online jobs suitable for students.

Customer Service Agent

As a customer service agent, you must help clients with their complaints and questions regarding the specific company. If a customer needs information on the products and services, receiving orders, and processing returns, you will be handling it. In turn, you’re helping out the company as happy clients will always make return purchases.

You will need to have basic computer knowledge and customer support to work in the position. The main methods of communication are through phone calls, emails, and text messages. The jobs are available on various job sites and will require you to send in your details and CV to be considered for the position. Some of these can pay up to £20 per hour.

Social Media Manager

With the growth of businesses on online platforms, most companies have also invested in a social media presence. You can work for these companies in managing the content that is posted on their social media sites. The main tasks involved are planning, managing, and monitoring the platforms.

You are also required to come up with strategies to help the company build brand awareness and increase sales – if you’re a lover of social media and know all of the ins and outs, this is the job for you. It is an exciting opportunity that can build real experience for a future career in social media marketing and can even pay up to £17.95 per hour.

social media logos

Market Researcher

A market researcher is responsible for collecting data on consumers, competitors, and the general marketplace. After compiling the information, the business owners can use it to improve the companies functionality and deliver what the stakeholders want.

You will be feeding the information into the various databases for later use, thus the need for strong analytical skills. Be ready to research extensively! Some of these roles can pay up £20 per hour.


As a student, you can tutor other students on the topics that you know most about. If you are a lover of English, you can begin training sessions online from the comfort of your room through tools such as video conferencing, pre-recording sessions, and sending written notes to the learners.

You choose your hours. The pay is dependent on the complexity of the topics and audience that you tutor but this can range from £15 to sometimes up to £40 for an hour session.

Online Paid Surveys

Online paid surveys are an excellent way for you to make extra money in your free time. They require no experience or particular skills other than the ability to use the internet. All that you need to do is sign up and answer a few questions about yourself before you can start completing the surveys.

They are simple tasks that take a few minutes of your time. In efforts to avoid spamming on the providers’ websites, most of them limit the number of surveys that you can perform in a day. Depending on the amount you complete, you can earn anywhere between £0.50 and £10 per hour, but be sure to hit the minimum payout amount in order to get your cash.

Online Retail Sales

Some retail stores have their business exclusively online and require online sales reps to help them sell their products or services. The usual tasks involve preparing business strategies, purchasing merchandise online, managing stock levels and fulfilling online shipping orders. The job pay depends on the employer in question, and can sometimes be strictly commission based. 

Audio Transcription

Audio Transcription is the process of transforming speech into text. Usually it’s needed because information is required elsewhere for documentation or better preservation. The job requires that you have a keen ear for listening, accuracy, and a great typing speed. There are different levels of complexity, from legal files to general research interviews and there are a number of transcription sites you can sign up to.

As a transcriptionist, you are allowed to choose the hours that you are most flexible, meaning you can fit it around your studies. The job pays around £0.68 per audio minute.

Freelance Writing

Social media marketers and website owners need content regarding their products and services. As a freelance writer, you need to write on various topics in efforts to promote businesses and raise awareness. You can begin by identifying your most comfortable niche or area of expertise and pitch to potential clients.

Like transcription, there are a number of copywriting sites you can sign up to for free. Freelancing gives you the advantage of working during the hours you want – there are no restrictions. The rates are different depending on the complexity and requirements of the clients, but for the specialised niches, the pay will always be a little higher than the basic ones.

freelance writer

Online Influencer

If you have a bubbly life on social media and have at least a few thousand followers, companies and brands can pay you to create awareness and post about their products and services.

Once you’ve had success with one brand, it opens you up even further to other potential companies. It is a lucrative business that can work alongside your studies and means you use your social media accounts as usual whilst getting paid for it. As a micro-influencer, you can earn an extra few hundred pounds per month, but the income isn’t guaranteed and you could go months without securing a brand deal.


With a keen eye for quality and accuracy, you can offer your services as a proofreader for various content sites. You can proofread client’s academic and business documents with the main task being to check for any mistakes and errors.

Most clients require that you be a native English speaker, however if you are fluent in another language you can offer your services for companies operating in that country too. Payment varies depending on the client but usually is calculated per thousand words. 

Become a YouTuber

YouTube is a great platform to showcase your talents and skills. You can create entertaining and educational content for viewers. Take your time and see what other people are doing online and hone your craft. Research on them and pick the one that you deem most comfortable and have a go at creating some content – you never know what might happen! 

The main issue with YouTube is that you must have a substantial following for you to earn a decent amount. The base payment for Youtubers is £1.10 for every 1000 views through adverts which appear during your videos. Utilise your social media platforms to gain followers and tell your friends to watch – it can take some time to grow, but it is worthwhile if your channel becomes popular.

Creating a YouTube video on Mac

Become a Uni2 Rent student brand ambassador

As a Uni2 Rent student you’ll have the great opportunity to become a brand ambassador for us. Our brand ambassadors are recruited every winter to assist us with the busy lettings season where students begin to look for their property for the following academic year. Brand ambassadors will be able to do virtual viewings with other prospective students to show them round our available properties. These positions are paid and there is also the chance to earn significant amounts of commission by getting students to sign up to a Uni2 Rent property. Brand ambassadors need to be personable and able to engage with other students to relay all information needed for them to make an informed decision on where to rent.

What will you do?

There are many different ways of earning a living in your free time as a student, it’s just about finding one with the flexibility to balance around your studies. The opportunities out there can give you lifelong skills and experience to help your future career or just give you a little extra cash to fund those weekly nights out. 

Websites such as www.studentjob.co.uk, www.indeed.co.uk, uk.jooble.org, www.reed.co.uk, and www.totaljobs.com are the leading websites offering online jobs. They offer you competitive salaries and flexibility around your studies so that it does not affect your learning.

  • Author: Adam Kirk
  • On: 16th November 2020

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