What makes a great housemate for Nottingham student accommodation?

What makes a great housemate for Nottingham student accommodation?

What makes a great housemate for Nottingham student accommodation?

So you are very excited about moving into your new Nottingham Student Accommodation. And you are sure you have found the perfect property. However the real question is, have you found the perfect housemates?

Questions to consider about your new housemates at Nottingham student accommodation.

Why is this person going to make a great housemate?

Moving into your new Nottingham student accommodation with friends sounds like a great idea. However, have you really considered what qualities make for a great house mate? You need to think about your lifestyles and if they are compatible.

Money Talks!

Money does talk and sometimes that talking turns to arguments when finances are nvolved. Before moving in, sit down and openly talk about budget and how bills should be shared. Indeed it can be beneficial to elect a person to be in charge. This is the reliable person who reminds everyone when bills are coming in and is happy to deal with the landlord.

Good habits, bad habits…

Think about the habits which people have. Whilst some habits may seem endearing from afar, living with them 24/7 can be a different story. Choose carefully. Additionally, don’t pick a housemate just to make up the numbers, make sure you know the person as much as you can beforehand.

The Kitchen

The kitchen will be at the very heart of your Nottingham Student Accommodation. It is where any parties might take place, meals are cooked and arguments often occur. As individuals, we can become rather aggressive, even if passively, when it comes to food. If somebody helps themselves to your food, your may feel the rage setting in. Carefully think about this trait and if it would resonate with any of your chosen housemates.

Happy House Sharing!

  • Author: Uni 2 Breaking
  • On: 14th November 2017

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