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How Many Students In University of Nottingham & Nottingham Trent


Nottingham is very much a student city.

According to a 2019 study by the Office for National Statistics, of the 332,900 people who lived in Nottingham, 42,300 are university students. So in Nottingham, 13% of the total population are students.

Also, another study found that one in every 14 properties in the city is a student home. That’s the second highest proportion of student housing in the country.

With two universities, over 40,000 students, excellent nightlife and many wonderful places to eat, drink and be merry, there are few better places to study in the UK than Nottingham!

How Many Universities Are In Nottingham?

There are two universities in Nottingham:

  • The University of NottinghamThis has three campuses in the city: Park Campus, Jubilee Campus, and the Queen’s Medical Centre teaching hospital. There are also numerous smaller campuses and sites dotted across Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, and overseas campuses in Malaysia and China.
  • Nottingham Trent University (NTU)This is the ninth largest university in the UK, with five campuses spread across the city and the surrounding areas: City Campus, Boots Library, Clifton Campus, Brackenhurst Campus, Confetti Campus, and another site in Mansfield.

How Many Students Are In Nottingham University?

According to the Higher Education Statistics Agency, in 2019/2020 the University of Nottingham has 43,893 students across the world, and 34,840 in the UK.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that there are 34,840 University of Nottingham students in Nottingham itself. Some of these students will live elsewhere, commuting into the city for their studies. Others will be based on campuses in different towns and cities across the country.

But still, study at the University of Nottingham, and you’ll be joining a vibrant international community of students, many of whom will live right in the heart of the city itself!

How Many Students Are in Nottingham Trent University?

According to the Higher Education Statistics Agency, the Nottingham Trent University had 28,915 undergraduates in 2019/2020, and 6,870 postgraduates. That means that, in total, 35,785 people study at NTU.

As Nottingham Trent University has five campuses in the city, it’s likely that a lot of these students will indeed live in or near Nottingham itself. Though once again, there will be some who commute to Nottingham for their studies from other nearby towns and cities.

Where Are The Best Areas for Students in Nottingham?

Nottingham has many “student areas”:

  • Nottingham City Centre – As most of NTU’s campuses are near the city centre, it’s no surprise that the heart of Nottingham should be so student-friendly. Popular areas for students include Hockley and The Lace Market, both of which are full of interesting bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants.
  • Forest Fields – This is a little further out from the city centre, so it’s a bit quieter, and a lot leafier. But the city centre’s still within walking distance, or just a five minute tram ride away.
  • Beeston – A quiet yet vibrant student hotspot a few miles out of town. It’s within easy walking distance of The University of Nottingham’s Park Campus, but it might not be so convenient for NTU students.
  • Lenton – This is “student central”, a part of the city that’s just as convenient for NTU students as it is for University of Nottingham students!

Head here to read our full guide to the student areas of Nottingham, with pros and cons for each location.

Where to Live in Nottingham as a Student

Can’t decide where to settle in Nottingham?

No worries.

We’re the Nottingham student living specialists! We were once students too, and we know how to bring you the best rooms and still manage to keep things simple.

Whether you want to talk about student rooms, or some other stuff, we’re here to help. So get in touch and we’ll help you find your perfect student property today.

Posted 06.07.22
Ed Henderson
News & Blog

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