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On a budget? Rent a studio flat Nottingham-Bills Included!

Being a student can be stressful! Not only are you are expected to work and party incredibly hard, you also need to do it on a budget! So rent one of our student flats in Nottingham-bills included!

How does a studio flat Nottingham-bills included work?

Did you know that most students would recommend a studio flat Nottingham-bills included? Check out the benefits below and it is easy to see why!


Most students will be inexperienced when it comes to finding utility providers and negotiating the best deals. Additionally the process can be incredibly time consuming and for those sharing accommodation, there is the added headache of dividing the bills between the tenants. If the gas and electricity are included, it avoids all the associated hassle and prevents arguments about money.


Even with the best of intentions, research has shown that students are not the best at budgeting. It can also be an unwanted stress! A studio flat Nottingham-bills included can prevent that headache.

What utilities should be included?

The utilities included for each property differ as it is largely determined by the landlord. At the very least a bills inclusive property should offer gas, electricity and water as part of the deal. However, as landlords compete in the market to make their property more attractive, you may be able to access deals which include WiFi, Netflix and a TV with Licence.

And one final perk…

Once you have negotiated your deal, you will pay the same cost every month. During winter months many students worry about turning up the heating or running a hot bath, but for those staying at a studio flat Nottingham-bills included, there is no such worry! Enjoy.

  • Author: Uni 2 Breaking
  • On: 17th August 2020

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