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How to Save Money If You’re a Coffee Addict

Whether you simply can’t get enough of the taste, or you’re addicted because you lean on the caffeine to get you through your studying, coffee is definitely popular with more people than ever before.

While you might know your cortado from your cappuccino, you might be left strapped for cash by your habit of slurping down this hot brown nectar. If you’re a student, the money will be especially tight, and no one wants to blow their loan on one luxury item alone.

To help you save money when buying coffee, we’ve collated all the ways (accurate at the time of writing) in which you can get a discount on your daily cup of joe.


Find the loyalty schemes

Almost every chain coffee shop – and even a lot of independents like 200 Degrees – will have a loyalty scheme of some sort. This is usually in the form of a stamp card, an app or a plastic card you swipe each time you pay – even the Broadway cinema has its own stamp reward scheme for tea and coffees.

Some of these schemes yield greater rewards than others of course, so it’s worth sticking to one and really mining it for what it’s worth. Your particular taste in coffee will also dictate this, just be sure to pick one and stick to it. Here is what the main chains offer:

  • Caffe Nero – A stamp card with a free coffee for every nine stamps you collect
  • Costa Coffee – Get five points for every pound you spend with a reward card, every point is worth 1p
  • Starbucks – Use a loyalty card each time you pay to get a star, with a free drink every 15 stars and more mini-rewards


Other ways to get free coffee

It’s not just reward schemes you can use to get a free coffee (or contribute points to a cheaper coffee) however, as there will often be some way or another to get a free coffee somewhere. It’s often in bigger cities you find deals and promotions, but here are some handy tips:

  • MyWaitrose Card – If you’re an avid shopper with Waitrose, you can get a MyWaitrose card which allows you to get a free coffee every day at participating stores.

  • O2 Priority – It’s come and gone over the years, but it’s a solid bet that the O2 Priority app will have some sort of free coffee deal once a week. Currently, their deal is with Caffe Nero for a free select beverage on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

  • Meal Deals – Try combining your meal deal with your coffee addiction. While not technically free, you can make your deal worth more by including a coffee as part of the bargain at Boots, Tesco, Greggs and other lunch providers.


Being kind to the planet pays

You’ll have seen all sorts of people wandering around with a range of reusable cups. They’re not just doing this for fun (some cups do look pretty dull though), they’re doing it because you can get cheaper coffee by using your own reusable cup. Here’s the policy for each of the big three (accurate at the time of writing):

  • Caffe Nero – Extra stamp when you use your own cup
  • Costa – 25p off when you use your own cup
  • Starbucks – 25p off when you use your own cup

The same may well apply to your local independents, but it’s best to check before simply assuming there will be a deal going on.

Reusable cups are easy to get a hold of – you might even find them handed out for free at exhibitions and events. It’s a growing trend and one which is sure to help drive down the amount of waste associated with the nation’s addiction.


Make coffee at home

Finally, the simplest and most cost-effective thing to do is make your own coffee. Whether that’s instant coffee (don’t worry, there are some decent instant versions which, while pricy, are cheaper than coffee from a barista) or a specialist pod machine, you can have more caffeine at your disposal for a fraction of the price.

If you’ve invested in a sturdy cup already, great. You can make your coffee at home and take it wherever you want to go. Plus, if you’ve got a sweet tooth and like the syrups, they’re available to purchase by the bottle online anyway.

So what’s stopping you? Go forth, get caffeinated and save money at the same time. If you’re looking to get the most for your money when it comes to your rent, take a look at our property listings and then get in touch with our team when you see something you like.

  • Author: UNI2 Rent
  • On: 31st May 2019

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