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Why you should choose one of our Nottingham Trent Studios!

If you are choosing to stay at Nottingham Trent Studios, congratulations! Not only have you picked fabulous accommodation for your stay in the city, you have also picked a great university to study at.

Nottingham Trent Studios and Nottingham Trent University!

Did you know that Nottingham Trent University was recognised as the University of the Year in 2017? That puts the university and its students in a unique position. And choosing to stay at Nottingham Trent Studios means you can benefit from this recognition.

How exactly can I benefit?

Do you worry about employment once you have graduated? Of course there are never any guarantees but recent statistics stated that 96% of graduates from NTU, find employment within six months of completing their studies!

University students are ready to invest in themselves to forge a bright future ahead. And the university is doing their bit to help with millions of pounds invested in libraries leisure spaces and student facilities. This level of investment extends across all campuses.

Choosing Nottingham Trent Studios means you are in close proximity to the campus, but the whole world is waiting for you! NTU is well connected to education establishments and employers around the world, so as a student you gain access to opportunity which stretches across the globe.

Naturally the university is going to boast about its’ credentials, but what about the alumni? Apparently 93% of students would recommend NTU to a friend, citing the student experience as outstanding.

Aside from all the great education stuff, Nottingham is also a world class city. The city boasts a thriving nightlife and plays host to international sports and music events. Choose to stay in Nottingham Trent Studios and you will have easy access to all these amenities. Enjoy.

  • Author: Uni 2 Breaking
  • On: 25th May 2018

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