Tips to Make Your Rented Student Accommodation More Eco-Friendly

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Tips to Make Your Rented Student Accommodation More Eco-Friendly

Moving to another city to study your favourite subject is a great first step towards a new and exciting, independent lifestyle. But to ensure you hit the ground running with the responsibilities of remaining eco-friendly during your time away from your parents, it’s important to consider the following, not only will it make a significant difference to the environment but could help you to save some money along the way.

1. Reuse, reduce and recycle

Every home or block of flats will provide a recycling bin or skip, so do your bit and wash out old glass jars, bottles, cans, aerosols, plastic pots, trays, bottles and paper – so that they’re ready to be recycled.

Do not make the common mistake of recycling pizza boxes, even though they are cardboard, they are contaminated with grease, which means they can not be recycled. The same applies to large cooking oil cans, tetra parks or juice cartons, these should go in your normal household waste bins.

2. Switch off appliances on standby

Save the polar bears and reduce global warming by switching off all idle appliances. Even though TVs, laptops and computers are only using little power, this equates to a lot of power, when you add up all those who are doing the same along the street, across the town and within the city. Reducing your electricity consumption will help to make small savings along the way.

3. Cut long showers short

In the winter it’s very tempting to stand in hot running water for extended periods of time but cutting your showers by two minutes, you can save approximately 10 gallons of water. You should also turn off the tap while you brush your teeth too, this is another way to save water.

4. Boil the correct amount of water when you boil a kettle

Overfilling a kettle each time you boil is a waste of energy – fill up to the line you really need and save yourself time and money! To be more accurate, you can fill up a mug and pour in the correct number of mugs that are needed.

5. Dry your clothes on an airer

It may seem old-fashioned but it works the same as tumble drying, hang up your clothes on an airer and save some cash. Open a window and keep the room well ventilated to prevent damp or mold and make sure you do your washing in good time, so you’re not struggling for clothes to wear. Clothes will typically dry between 1 and 2 days on an airer, although not an immediate process, it’s an eco-friendly and money-saving method.

6. Avoid wasting food

Whether you’re new to cooking or have bought a little too much food for the week, cook in bulk and freeze your meals. This will save you time and help you to avoid wasting food.

7. Use your heating only when you need it

If you’re able to control your heating, be sensible about it. If you’ve gone out, turn the heating off and keep your windows closed to retain the heat. If it’s not that cold, layer up or make a hot water bottle.

8. Pick up reusable fruit and vegetable bags

Put a stop to single-use plastic and get yourself some reusable fruit and vegetable bags that’ll keep loose, fresh foods together. Pop them in your shopping bags, so you’ll always have them with you during a food shop. 

fruit and veg bag

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  • On: 25th October 2019

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