How to throw a “considerate” party at your shared house Nottingham!

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How to throw a “considerate” party at your shared house Nottingham!

How to throw a “considerate” party at your shared house Nottingham!

If you have just moved into a new shared house Nottingham, Congratulations. Moving out of halls and into a house can give you a greater level of freedom. However before you organise the bucking bronco, you might want to take heed of our advice.

 Can I even have a party at my shared house Nottingham?

This question needs to be carefully considered. Check out the tenancy agreement on your shared house Nottingham to ensure there are no specific rules about holding parties. You don’t want to move in one week only to be moving out the next.

 When is a good time for a party?

Timing is always of paramount importance. You need to think about all the people it might effect in the house and of course, the neighbours. The key period to avoid is obviously exam time, but we would also recommend avoiding weekdays and only throwing a party at weekends.

 Does your party need a theme?

Halloween is a great time to have a themed party. It needs no explanation and as it falls just after the start of a new academic year, the timing is spot on. Decoration is cheap, a few pumpkin lanterns, carefully hung white sheeting and you are good to go.


The power of the internet is fabulous for inviting people to a party, as long as you don’t under estimate it. Ensure your invitation is only visible to a private group.

Tidy Up…

It goes without saying that all housemates at your shared house Nottingham are responsible for tidying up the aftermath of the party. However you should also think about putting away valuables and things of sentimental value before the party starts. Perhaps you might want to consider locking certain rooms as people do have a tendency to explore.

  • Author: Uni 2 Breaking
  • On: 09th October 2017

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