Nottingham Student Cribs Just Got Upgraded!

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Nottingham Student Cribs Just Got Upgraded!

Nottingham Student Cribs Just Got Upgraded!

Welcome to my Nottingham Student Cribs! This is no usual student accommodation, so don’t expect blocked shower drains and unhinged kitchen cupboards. This is student life with a difference.

What should I expect from Nottingham student cribs?

There are various companies now offering upgraded student accommodation in Nottingham and so depending on who you sign up with, depends on the level of luxury you might experience. However, we have decided to give you a flavour of the best of Nottingham student cribs!

1. This is for the gym bunnies amongst you. Many luxury buildings offer an onsite gym. So no worries about additional gym costs or treks across town simply to work out. And remember, a healthy body is key to a healthy might be a useful anecdote to swing the extra cost with the parents.

2. Did you know that some cribs come with unlimited free UK Landline calls. Chat away till the early hours because staying in is the new going out.

3. You won’t ever have to do that last minute dress shopping because you missed the parcel man, the 24 hour concierge has got your back. And if it doesn’t fit…just leave it with him to sort out the return.

4. Wardrobes! If you have not yet lived the student life, this one might puzzle you. However many student accommodations are void of wardrobes and so you end up hanging your entire dress collection on the curtain pole. Luxurious student accommodation include fabulous fitted wardrobes. Problem solved.

5. If you presume that your culinary experiences will be limited to a tin of microwavable baked beans, think again. Kitchens are often fully equipped with cooker, grill, microwave and dishwasher. What more could you ask for?

Nottingham student cribs are proving that student accommodation is reaching for new standards. Are you ready to experience it?

  • Author: Uni 2 Breaking
  • On: 14th November 2017

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