Serviced Studio Nottingham

Serviced Studio Nottingham
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Are you looking for a serviced studio Nottingham?

When people think of student accommodation the expectations sometimes drift off to the days of old when the standard of student accommodation could leave a lot to be desired. This is far from the case today, with a huge amount of options to ensure your stay at university is as comfortable as possible. One of these options is to live in a serviced studio apartment.

What should I expect from a serviced studio Nottingham?

 The concept of serviced studio apartments has been around for quite some time and renting a serviced studio Nottingham offers many advantages when compared to a traditional student house or flat. A serviced apartment is not something which is just reserved for students either. Indeed, for many years it has been the preferred choice of professionals conducting business around the globe.  In many ways, serviced studio apartments for students can be of a higher quality than those available to professionals.

Your serviced studio Nottingham will offer similar facilities to a hotel. Some larger and more upmarket blocks may also have other facilities such as a gym, cinema room or even a pool.

A fully serviced apartment gives you the space and home comforts you need, all for one price. Typically the studios will offer a kitchen with modern appliances and will be fully furnished and well kept. You will also enjoy increased security which can be a major benefit when staying in a city that you don’t know.

Of course renting this type of accommodation can cost more than a typical student house or flat, but with studio apartments you really do get what you pay for with the high standard of living and better facilities.

How long can I rent a serviced studio Nottingham for? Serviced studios are generally available for long term tenancies of around 50 weeks for each academic year. Some blocks may do shorter contracts for international students or people that are only at university for one semester. It is also likely that your serviced studio apartment will be in a central location which ensures easy access to amenities. Studios really are a win win situation.

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