The Only Way is Skint

The Only Way is Skint


So you’re a student, you’ve managed to get yourself through your first term of this year, but it’s been pretty difficult budgeting and affording all the mad nights out. You’ve also got all of those books you haven’t used and those library fines you’ve racked up by losing them. So what do you do now and how can you avoid the same situation next term? Well we’ve listed a fair few ideas for you below and we’ve offered some real opportunities with us as well!

These activities and strategies will be listed in ‘desperation’ order.

Part time job


Yes, you could apply and get a part time job. We know that’s not what you’re looking for, you thought we’d provide you with some get rich quick schemes, quit simply they don’t work and that’s not what we’re about here at Uni2. Work hard, play a lot harder!  There’s bound to be plenty of part time jobs around this time of year, pretty much every store is looking for Xmas temps at the moment. If however, you’re ‘good’ for the time being and your parents will keep you sweet over the winter break then look out for more permanent positions in your local stores. Firstly you’ll get at least minimum wage, secondly it will give you something to do during the gaps in your 8 hour week lecture timetable, it will give you some extra cash for nights and finally it will give you some decent points on your CV.

Part time jobs with Uni2: We are currently looking for Brand Ambassadors in pretty much every University City.

Do you have bags of personality?

Are you well known around campus?

Do you like Uni2?

Would you like to be involved in the UK’s newest student dating app?

 If you answered yes to all the above please send us an email telling us a bit about yourself and what city you’re in and we’ll be in contact!

Mystery shopping


Do you like to shop? How about being able to snitch on rude staff? We if that’s your bag then you’ll enjoy mystery shopping. Being a MS allows you to go into stores, see their inventory and gives you an excuse to buy stuff. You get paid per visit and can often be offered discounts in the store later on. It’s fairly easy work and you can intertwine it with the rest of your day and the rest of your shopping. What a doddle! Unfortunately we don’t have any mystery shopping opportunities here at Uni2 but there are plenty online.



Similar to mystery shopping it’s fairly easy work. Simply sit down in front of your computer and blast through a bunch of surveys and you get paid per survey. The surveys tend to be opinion polls and pretty easy questions so don’t worry about that. There does tend to be a stigma attached to these survey sites that they pay you pittance and hardly ever pay out so we’ve sourced an extremely well rated survey site called Panel Base and have partnered up with them so that you can earn that little bit extra cash for quick easy work. If you are interested just click the link below and it’ll explain the rest!



Blow your loan up the wall buying loads of stuff you don’t need? Not used that USB milkshake stirrer? Could do with shifting it and getting some cash for it? Well then there’s a website for that, it called….Ebay! You may have heard of it.

It’s possibly the simplest concept in the world. You’ve got an item you don’t want or need any more; someone else will probably pay decent money for it. Let them bid for it, get the cash and post it. Simple, and now you’ve got a bit more money to blow on your next daft purchase, the cycle continues.

Blogging and Affiliate marketing


A few of you may be bit daunted by this, but trust us, it’s not too difficult and once you’ve set one blog or site up you’ll be able to do loads and essentially after that it’s free money.

Here’s a simple explanation and a step by step guide.

An affiliate scheme is a way for companies like Amazon to get their products reviewed and seen by more people. Essentially they offer commission on items that have been sold through your site. So for example let’s say you create a blog about football pumps (not that you would, but for explanatory sake), you would then list football pumps for sale on your site, and for every pump sold you’d get a cut.

So let’s give you a step by step:

  1. Go to Amazon or some equivalent and find the affiliate site.
  2. Find a product you want to talk about and list
  3. Go to a blog site
  4. Create a blog
  5. Write some reviews
  6. Post the links on the site
  7. Publicise, get this seen by as many people as possible, get it shared and watch the money come in through the links. Then let it grow naturally.



Spoke to your mum recently? Been ignoring her calls because you’re too busy lying on your bed refreshing Facebook? Well we think it’s about time you actually answer one of her calls and be really nice to hear, especially if you’re running low on funds. This is the wrong reason to be speaking to your mum, but it’s better than nothing and she’ll really appreciate it. You don’t want this to become a begging exercise or a regular occurrence because quite frankly it’s a bit embarrassing and pathetic. Like we said this list goes in desperation order, so imagine what’s coming next!

Everyone at Uni2 has parents, they are however our parents so back off! So we can’t be much help there…

Drug and medical testing


Students are often in the age and health bracket these places are looking for. You get paid fairly significant amounts for the hours and the day, and you also get some compensation if you grow an extra arm! Big win, you could get an extra arm and money. What more could you want!



No, this isn’t bottom of the list, it is close though. Whatever university or city you’re in there’s bound to be a strip club nearby. Get your ass in there and flaunt. Male or female, you can get some cracking pay and tips. It’s not something we’d advise or condone, but we also don’t look down on it. Have fun.



This is bottom of the list and hopefully the main reason you went to uni in the first place. Ideally you want to be able to secure a job after uni, therefore begging in any form prior to that is not a dream situation. It’s a cold, wet and depressing place to be, however if it is your last idea we suggest speaking to your uni and getting some counseling.

Hope this has helped!! :)


  • Author: UNI2 Rent
  • On: 04th August 2015

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