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Welcome to your Studio Flat Nottingham!

Congratulations. You have braved the student halls and now you are ready to enjoy the freedom of a studio flat Nottingham. Renting a place of your own is very exciting, but for some people it can be a tad worrying. So we debunk any myths you may have.

What not to expect at your new studio flat Nottingham!

Dodgy Landlords

There are always some people ready to take advantage but most landlords are honest people. For peace of mind ensure that the deposit for your new studio flat Nottingham is safely registered under a government accredited deposit scheme.

Money, Money Money!

Of course money is a huge factor for students who are always looking after the pennies. Don’t presume that sharing with others will automatically make it cheaper. There is a large range of accommodation available, especially in larger cities, so a studio flat Nottingham is a real possibility. The trick to secure the best deal is to simply start looking early.

Lots of shopping…

It can be tempting to play house, especially if this is your first ever rental. However many student homes have furniture included and you will find that students tend to leave a lot behind. So don’t splash the cash too much until you have assessed what you really need.

Any room will do….

Peeling wallpaper, discoloured grouting and cracked tiles. It makes for a pretty grim read and although this may be true of some properties, you don’t need to settle for it. And as competition grows in the market, your new studio flat Nottingham will offer excellent standards including many modern conveniences and WIFI.

  • Author: Uni 2 Breaking
  • On: 25th May 2018

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